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I like to capture casual, non-posed, non-forced shots. Documenting and observing people, with a journalistic but creative intent.

Whether you choose to have a traditional wedding, or you choose to elope, your day is just as important as anyone else getting married. So who cares what people think your day is “supposed to look like.” This is your chance to dream up something that feels authentic to the both of you as a couple.


Rob is a Scottish-born, Australian-raised photographer in Olympia, Washington, where he has lived for the past twelve years.

He has been a photographer since his teens, loves travel, the outdoors, good food and good company. He has been shooting weddings since 2006 and loves being a part of the journey for a couple.

When not shooting weddings, he is shooting portraits. You see the images we create, they freeze frame their lives stories. They give permission for the muse to feel whatever she is feeling in that moment - sensual, liberated, scared, stripped bare, freedom, sadness, vulnerability, confusion, joy, connection.

I see it as my purpose to capture those elusive moments in time.

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